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[Video]TR40-South American Ankle Band Custom 4G Anti-Demolition Positioning GPS Ankle Tracker Foot Naked Bare Locator

Introducing the TR40, a custom 4G anti-demolition positioning GPS ankle tracker designed for South American regions. This advanced ankle band not only provides accurate positioning but also ensures robust anti-demolition capabilities for enhanced security. With its foot naked bare locator feature, the TR40 offers comprehensive monitoring and tracking solutions for individuals under supervision.


[Video]TR40-EU US Ankle Tracker Judicial Correction GPS Tamper-proof Positioning Shackles Electronic Ankle of Judicial Bail

TR40-EU is a judicial bail tracking and positioning system that provides a secure and reliable way to monitor and track people released on bail. It is designed to help law enforcement officials and prosecutors ensure that those released on bail comply with their court-ordered conditions. This system provides a comprehensive view of the whereabouts of an individual at all times, allowing for more accurate tracking and monitoring of their movements.

Location And Tracking Solutions for Drug Treatment-Tamper Bracelet

[Video]PT880-Prisoner Electronic Ankle Tracker House Arrest Ankle Bracelet with portable charger SDK available

The Ankle Monitor PT880 supports private deployment of positioning monitoring systems, allowing organizations to maintain full control over their tracking operations. In addition to its robust tracking capabilities, the Ankle Monitor PT880 includes advanced health monitoring features such as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. This ensures the well-being of the wearer and allows for timely intervention when needed. The Ankle Monitor device also supports electronic geofencing and low battery alerts, providing additional layers of security.