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// Traxbean GT2

GPS Smart Watch

Traxbean GT2 is a fashion design sport GPS smart watch. It can use for both fitness tracking and gps tracking. It combines with 4G, GPS, WIFI, BLE, good quality health sensor and high resolution cameras. ThinkRace offers the SDK for further development on this smart watch, the engineer can buid the app on this smart watch for different applications. 

// Traxbean GT2

Best Design GPS Watch
With Open SDK

Traxbean GT2 is the best design GPS smart watch. It is a very good consumer smart watch comes with sport tracking features and health monitoring such as heart rate, blood oxygen. The user can use the front camera for face regnization. 

This is also a product for industrial market which compare to Apple and Sumsung watch, you can not access the data easily to connect to your application. ThinkRace provide the full acess SDK of Traxbean GT2 to allow the engineer can develop some awesome application on it.  


We integrate the up-to-date health tracking sensor on the health tracking such as heart rate and blood oxygen. You can get better accuracy on the health monitoring.


Professional Health Sensors

Professional Health Sensors

With the home base unit, the bracelet can get location indoor with RF signal. It maximizes the performance and extends bracelet battery life. This is ideal for clients that live in apartments or buildings.


Home Base Station Supported

Home Base Station Supported

It is a programmable device. The developer can make a new firmware running on the smart watch. For example they can optimize the performance and the security base on their own server connection.


Programmable Smat Watch

Programmable Smat Watch
// How it work

Key Features Of
Traxbean GT2

Health Sensors
By using professional health sensor such as heart rate and blood oxygen. The user can monitor the health status .
Connection and Communitions
Support 4G/LTE network, Integrated with 2 way live voice communition, audio alert, Siren and the vibration alert.
Superior Location Accuracy
Precise GPS positioning and assist locating via WIFI and cellular triangulation. Indoor position with RF signals are also supported.
High Resolution Camera
2M high resolution camera can use for face recognition or some other features related with taking photo. front and side 2 cameras.

Web & Apps

Android & iOS

One stop shop solution to make it easy for you to implement the justice electronic monitoring solution

SDK & Open API

System Integration

It allows the developers easy to integrate the GPS ankle bracelet to their own platform.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Dedicated Team

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

// Product Design & Size

Product Design by
ThinkRace In-House Engineers

// Sport Watch

Fitness Tracking

Traxbean GT2 support more than 9  sport modes such ask walk, running, climbing. It is a good fitness tracker besides gps smart watch features. You also can develop your own sport mode or algorithm.

We can help to produce the GPS smart watch with best quality and competitive price.

// Precise Location

Support GPS/Biedou
WIFI and Cell triangulation

Precise gps location is very important for a gps smart watch. We use the best gps chipset and design a good antenna to get the best signal.

It supports the geofence features by using the traxbean platform and mobile app. So the user can get notification while the watch enter or exit the virtual zone. 

// Inclusion/Exclusion Zones

Scheduling Geofence
with Arbitrary Shape

The officer can create one or multiple schedules per zone; “active” based upon set date range. It is easy to create zones in the shape of a circle, square or polygon.

Alert can be send to officer by SMS, email or App push message while the inclusion/exclusion zone violation.

// All in one

We Deliver One Solution with
All Necessary Components

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