Over 17 years we help companies to build their own electronic monitoring solutions. ThinkRace is dedicated on provide safety supervision products .

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ThinkRace is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises, agencies. We help our client to get everything they need to start the electronic monitoring business including tracking device and monitoring platform and mobile apps.

We are a global leader in providing end-to-end location monitoring that combine real-time tracking devices and professional monitoring services with advanced data analytics. The current focus is delivering electronic monitoring products and services for the global criminal justice market.

As a manufacturer, We can offer the best price, the most flexible customized software and solid technical support. Our mission is to make easy for our client to implement the tracking solution.

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Since 2006, ThinkRace has been extremely diligent with the design of the technology and architecture to ensure that we provide the judicial market with the best products for various business requirements. From the industry leading hardware that offers key features that are not available with other competing devices; to the software which is considered the most innovative, advanced, and efficient solution in the world, the Traxbean electronic monitoring solution has been integrated and is used by Government and Law Enforcement agencies world wide. Many of these programs have been custom developed for specific requirements. ThinkRace also offers the same, proven technology for private applications when approved by the court and integrated into the release conditions.

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We have good English & Spanish speaking sales team with excellent technical background. So we can communicate with the clients very well and give them the best technical support.
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We help the agencies of law enforcement world wide with various applications. ThinkRace is electronic monitoring solution provider for Special Olympics, we hire well-experienced people with good projects.
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We design our products by in-house engineers, we provide the GPS tracker and software with best price and good quality. Our service is professional and quick response. Our core focus on electronic monitoring technology