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// Traxbean Tracker

Judicial Electronic Monitoring Ankle Bracelet

Traxbean Tracker is the safest and most reliable judicial GPS Electronic Monitoring Ankle Bracelet. It sets the standard for reliability and performance in the offender monitoring industry. ThinkRace as a manufacturer is providing Electronic Monitoring Solutions to some of the largest Law Enforcement agencies worldwide.

// Community Correction Device

Design For House Arrest
Effective Home Curfew Monitoring

Traxbean Bracelet is optimized to work with today’s house or aparment . It can transmit data through, cellular(4G and above) or Wi-Fi to your own server. It also fully integrates with all of ThinkRace Tracking software platform.

It is an effective home curfew monitoring solution for community corrections and domestic and family caseloads. it also can help with bail and sentencing reform. it can ease the burden of prison and jail overcrowding issues.


The one-piece strap design virtually eliminate false alerts and intermittent strap disruptions. And revolutionary strap technology provides instant notification enable officer to make quick decisions


Revolutionary Tamper Technology

Revolutionary Tamper Technology

With the home base unit, the bracelet can get location indoor with RF signal. It maximizes the performance and extends bracelet battery life. This is ideal for clients that live in apartments or buildings.


Home Base Station Supported

Home Base Station Supported

It is a programmable device. The developer can make a new firmware running on the bracelet. For example they can optimize the performance and the security base on their own server connection.


Programmable Tracker For Developer

Programmable Tracker For Developer
// How it work

Key Features Of
The GPS Ankle Bracelet

Strap Design
Hypoallergenic, anti-tamper, cut-resistant strap make the device more reliable and eliminates false alerts.
Connection and Communitions
Support 4G/LTE network, Integrated 2 way live voice communition, audio alert, Siren and the vibration alert.
Superior Location Accuracy
Precise GPS and assist locating via WIFI and cellular triangulation. Indoor position with RF signals.
Optimized Battery Management
80+ hours of operation on a single charge. Optimized battery life with sleep mode by RF signals.

Web & Apps

Android & iOS

One stop shop solution to make it easy for you to implement the justice electronic monitoring solution

SDK & Open API

System Integration

It allows the developers easy to integrate the GPS ankle bracelet to their own platform.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

Dedicated Team

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

// Product Design & Size

Product Design by
ThinkRace In-House Engineers

// Water Proof

Our Product is IP68
Best Waterproof

ThinkRace is a global leader in providing end-to-end location monitoring solutions that combine real-time tracking devices and professional monitoring services. The current focus is delivering electronic monitoring products and services for the global criminal justice market.

We can help to produce the GPS ankle bracelet with best quality and competitive price.

// Strap Design

Revolutionary Strap

The solid-security strap is one of the most reliable strap in this industry specifically made for offender tracking. It has hardened steel band encased designed to be highly cut resistant.

It includes an innovative technology strap for tampering notification and specialized security screws to secure the strap to the device.

// Inclusion/Exclusion Zones

Scheduling Geofence
with Arbitrary Shape

The officer can create one or multiple schedules per zone; “active” based upon set date range. It is easy to create zones in the shape of a circle, square or polygon.

Alert can be send to officer by SMS, email or App push message while the inclusion/exclusion zone violation.

// All in one

We Deliver One Solution with
All Necessary Components

// Looking for partners

We are the manufacturer
Provide Monitoring Solutions Worldwide



Web Platform

Monitoring on the desktop

Mobile Apps

Android and iOS