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// Traxbean Beacon

BLE Beacon For
Indoor Positioning

Traxbean Beacon is a BLE device install in the building to provide  location service for other smart GPS  tracking device. It is designed with super low power consumption which can work 3 years after the first installation.

// Traxbean Beacon

BLE beacon
For Indoor Positioning

Traxbean beacon is a Bluetooth Beacon device. It uses a broadcasting protocol which is based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy ). It broadcasts its general cofig parameters like UUID, Major, Minor, RSSI etc. to surroundings over 37, 38 and 39 BLE channels continuously and non-directionally ..

It is designed with Nordic Bluetooth 4.2 chip. It is powered by 2 ER14250 batteries. Its battery life is related to the internal broadcasting parameters.

It will start broadcasting automatically after the battery is installed.

// How it work

Use case Of
Traxbean Beacon

Indoor Positioning & Navigation
Indoor Positioning & Navigation in hospital, factory, conversation center and other big facilities
Check In Location For Workforce
Using beacon to manage the workforce, security guard and other human resources by check in with beacon
Important Asset Management
Keep track the important asset with the location and store information with the beacon
Distance Control Of 2 Smart Device
Make alarm between 2 smart devices while their distance is too close, it is virtual geofence indoor.

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Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design process.

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