Over 17 years we help companies to build their own electronic monitoring solutions. ThinkRace is dedicated on provide safety supervision products .

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Thinkrace ST2 Smartwatch -The Latest 4G GPS Watch for Health Monitoring

Thinkrace GPS position system software custom APP source code open support API/SDK secondary development

Thinkrace GPS is a smart location software designed for children and the elderly to provide real-time location tracking and security. The system software customization degree is high, support API/SDK secondary development, so that developers can customize and extend functions according to specific needs. Through the open source code, the Care Star GPS positioning system can be seamlessly connected with a variety of smart devices, to achieve cross-platform data synchronization and information sharing, to provide users with more flexible and comprehensive positioning services.

The openness of Thinkrace GPS positioning system software is not only reflected in the open source code, but also in the friendly support for third-party developers. Developers can use the API and SDK tools provided to easily integrate into their own applications to achieve more innovative features, such as electronic fencing, path planning, emergency help, and so on. In addition, Thinkrace also provides detailed development documentation and technical support to help developers quickly get started, shorten the development cycle, and improve development efficiency. Whether it is an enterprise or an individual developer, the Care Star GPS positioning system will become their right-hand person to develop intelligent positioning applications.


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