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Non-custodial personnel positioning control platform waterproof and anti-disassembly GPS locator 4G card electronic footer system

In judicial practice, the supervision of non-custodial personnel has always been a challenge. How can we ensure that they are able to exercise effective control without losing their freedom? With its innovative technology, Thinkrace has launched the non-custodial personnel positioning and control platform, a 4G card electronic footer system that integrates waterproof, anti-disassembly and GPS positioning, providing an efficient and safe solution for the supervision of non-custodial personnel.

Location And Tracking Solutions for Drug Treatment-Tamper Bracelet

[Video]PT880-Judicial Bail Parole Electronic Bracelet Community Correction Home House Arrest GPS Locator 4G Watch Positioning System

The PT880 is an advanced electronic bracelet designed for judicial bail, parole, and community correction programs. This state-of-the-art device serves as a reliable and efficient solution for monitoring individuals under house arrest or community correction. Equipped with a GPS locator and 4G card, the PT880 offers real-time tracking and precise positioning, ensuring compliance and enhancing the security of individuals under supervision.


[Video]TR40-Thinkrace Corrector Electronic Ankle Cuff Positioning Metal Ankle Bracelet Real-Time Monitoring Of GPS Locator

Introducing the TR40, a cutting-edge electronic ankle cuff designed by Thinkrace for effective correctional monitoring. This advanced device is equipped with a GPS locator that enables real-time monitoring and positioning of individuals wearing the metal ankle bracelet. The TR40 is specifically designed for correctional purposes, providing enhanced security, supervision, and control.