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Mini personal GPS tracker PT36
Smallest GPS tracker – Waterproof IP67. GPS+LBS+WIFI, and SOS for call is the standard function.
4 G OBD Tracker
OBD WiFi GPS Tracker VT400. Equipped with MQTT / TLS Technology.
Watch For Seniors PT59
Complete safety & security of elderly person. 3 mode positioning with GEO fence and remote monitoring.
OBD GPS Tracker VT200B
Plug & Play device for real-time tracking. History route, driving behavior analysis & multiple alarms.

12 years of excellence in GPS Tracker, Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s & iOT Services

GPS, IoT and Fitness tracking are the hottest buzz of this tech era, and are playing a crucial role in our everyday activities. The GPS system was introduced for map navigation systems and today it has invaded in almost all sectors of our life. From tracking of asset & people GPS is everywhere.

Similarly, fitness tracking has become an integral part of our lives, technology has become our ultimate fitness partner. While on the other hand, IoT is connecting everything with everyone and hence making world smarter and better.

We design our products by keeping in mind the client’s rapid integration and return of investments. We serve comprehensive IoT services to our clients, From integrating accurate sensors and deriving inspired insights to choosing the best-fit platform, Our customized tracking solutions are delivered to different kinds of industry needs, we provide OEM/ODM services to around 500 unique companies, telecom carriers and government offices of more than 30 countries.

Our Mission

We work with a simple aim and that is to offer and keep up the most advanced and cost-effective tracking solution in the industry across the globe. With expert and the technical-friendly team, you can get the reliable products and customized solutions with competitive prices. The sole of ThinkRace Technology is to keep on innovating manufacturing technological solutions.

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