An established group of experts, at ThinkRace Technology, are there to take care of your production requirements. Our team of experienced and proficient mavens takes care of providing the clients with a pro to focus on merely on the selling and marketing of their products rather than pondering over the deep manufacturing specifications. With us, you are ensured to get hold of low production cost and high revenues as you don’t have to get concerned about setting up factories.

The leading GPS tracker manufacture makes up your own comprehensive product range with a competitive benefit and contented customers. We work on prevailing market conditions and use the cutting-edge technology to design products that are in line with market demand, whether they are standard or ODM/JDM/OEM customized products.
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Customize Your APP
ThinkRace Technology providing our patrons with a podium to build a mobile app which is suitable for both iOS& Android! We harness the power of latest technology available and pass on its strategic benefits to the clientele.
Our team has structured its business processes in a way that helps it keep abreast with cutting-edge technology ensuring that it is always geared up to meet any upcoming challenges headlong. The team seize just the right domain expertise that provides the much-needed thrust at the time of designing phase itself thereby enabling smooth development of applications to offer lasting support and maintenance.
Build real-time tracking solutions with MQTT/TLS
Today’s digital world, make numerous practical instances for the implementation of the protocol MQTT which further, offers a solution for an integrated system that allows users to interact using web mobile devices.
The facet of MQTT enables patrons to connect and interact with their car. A linked car can use the MQTT protocol to send messages from the car to message sight and then to the respective client. Basically, the car here operates as a rolling sensor podium that publishes Telematics events! Also, the car can obtain the messages ranging from remotely driving behavior analysis, or sending the real-time location of the vehicle.
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Featured Products

GPS Card Phone PT215
GPS card phone for search and set the APN automatically
Smart-Watch for Elderly -PT88
Elderly GPS Watch for Safety & Care one touch SOS emergency button
Smart GPS Watch PT428
A GPS watch is a device with integrated GPS receiver that is a single unit strapped onto a wrist.
VT33S Vehicle tracker
VT33 is a vehicle GPS tracker especially designed for your vehicles.
4G OBD WiFi GPS Tracker VT460
Equipped with MQTT / TLS Technology for more safety & security
GPS Pet tracker PT590
Professional GPS device for your pets, Real-time tracking & remote monitoring.

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