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The TR40 Ankle Bracelet Monitor use 4G GPSpositioning technology, the TR40 ensures accurate and real-time tracking of individuals under supervision. One of the key features of the TR40 Ankle Bracelet Monitor is its tamper-proof strap, which is designed to provide secure and dependable monitoring.

[Video]TR40-Underage Students And Young People Community Correction Electronic Ankle Buckle Close Alarm Electronic Fence To Prevent School Violence

Introducing the TR40, an electronic ankle buckle designed specifically for underage students and young people in community correction programs. This innovative monitoring device aims to prevent school violence and enhance safety within educational settings. The TR40 features a close alarm system and electronic fence capabilities, providing effective control and supervision while promoting a secure and nurturing environment for students.


[Video]PT400-4G Smart Watch Bracelet Second Development Of Elderly Health Monitoring GPS Tracking Alarm APP Positioning Software Solution

Introducing the PT400, a cutting-edge 4G smart watch bracelet specifically designed for elderly health monitoring. With its advanced features and customizable options, the PT400 offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring the well-being of elderly individuals. Equipped with GPS tracking, health monitoring capabilities, alarm functions, and a user-friendly APP positioning software solution, the PT400 ensures the safety, health, and peace of mind for both caregivers and their loved ones.


[Video]PT400-Smart Hospital Elderly Care Positioning Control System For Critically Ill Patients Supports SDK API Protocol

Introducing the PT400, a state-of-the-art smart hospital elderly care positioning control system designed to provide advanced care for critically ill patients. With its support for the SDK API protocol and a range of innovative features, the PT400 offers a comprehensive solution for efficient monitoring and enhanced care management in hospital settings.


[Video]PT880-Community Correction Wristband GPS Positioning Bracelet Support Temperature Heart Rate Support SDK Secondary Development

Introducing the PT880, a state-of-the-art GPS positioning bracelet designed for community correction purposes. This advanced wristband combines accurate GPS positioning with a range of features to enhance monitoring and support for individuals under community supervision. With its support for temperature and heart rate monitoring and SDK secondary development capabilities, the PT880 offers a comprehensive solution for community correction and rehabilitation programs.

[Video]GT2-4G GPS Smart Watch Real Time Tracking Sport Watch Health Monitoring

[Video]GT2-GPS Positioning Watch Smart Electronic Bracelet 4G Full Network Passband Positioning System Health Data

Introducing the GT2, a cutting-edge GPS positioning watch and smart electronic bracelet. This advanced device combines the functionality of a smartwatch with the accuracy of GPS positioning, offering a comprehensive solution for tracking and monitoring. With its 4G full network passband positioning system and health data tracking capabilities, the GT2 provides a wide range of features to enhance safety and well-being.

Thinkrace Personnel Tracking System Ensures Enhanced Safety

[Vedio]Thinkrace-Smart Wearable Solution Provider GPS Positioning System Deployment Smartwatch Manufacturer

It is designed with tamper proof and cut-resistant strap so that it can use for electronic monitoring for community correction. With the push of the SOS Button, it can connect to the Emergency Centre. Combining GPS technologies with an Inclusion/ Exclusion Geo-Fence allows emergency contacts to be notified when a user exits, or enters these Geo-Fence areas.


[Video]PT400-Call Locator For The Disabled, Location Monitoring For The Mentally ill, Ankle Bracelet For Autistic People

Ankle Monitor PT400 Tamper Proof GPS Watch is a kind of GPS positioning watch prisoner tracker that can be enforced and can not be taken off after being taken on. It can be mainly used for GPS tracker bail and parole, leaving prison to visit relatives, mental hospitals, patients with acute infectious diseases and other monitoring objects. The watch band adopts high strength PU plus metal layer, not easy to damage, if the tool is cut, it will immediately alarm. electronic monitoring bracelet.


[Video]PT880-Tamper Alarm Community Correction Wristband GPS Bracelet Heart Rate Temperature Watch Support SDK Development

In the field of community corrections and offender monitoring, ensuring the safety and compliance of individuals is a top priority. One innovative solution that has emerged is the tamper alarm community correction wristband. This multifunctional device combines GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, temperature measurement, and SDK support for secondary development, providing a comprehensive tool for effective monitoring and supervision.