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4G elderly health bracelet GPS positioning watch locator with heart rate blood pressure temperature

With the development of science and technology and the progress of society, smart wearable devices have gradually become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Especially for the elderly, a smart bracelet that integrates health monitoring, safety positioning, and communication is particularly important. Our company launched 4G full Netcom elderly health bracelet GPS positioning watch locator, is such a high-tech product designed for the elderly.

Product characteristics

4G Full Netcom: Supports the 4G networks of all mainstream operators in China, ensuring a wide range of signal coverage and maintaining a stable network connection no matter where you are.

GPS positioning function: Built-in high-precision GPS module can track the location of the elderly in real time, and parents or guardians can check the real-time location of the elderly at any time through the mobile APP to ensure safety.

Heart rate and blood pressure monitoring: Using advanced biosensor technology, real-time monitoring of the elderly’s heart rate and blood pressure, timely detection of health abnormalities, for the health of the elderly escort.

Temperature measurement: In the current health environment, the function of temperature monitoring is particularly important. Our wristbands can quickly and accurately measure the temperature of the elderly to help prevent disease.

Open API: In order to meet the needs of different customers, we provide open API interfaces that allow third-party developers to customize functions as needed, or integrate wristband data into customers’ health management systems.

SOS Emergency help: In an emergency, the elderly can quickly send out a help signal through the SOS button on the bracelet to ensure that they get help in the first time.

Smart reminder: According to the living habits of the elderly, the bracelet can be set up to take medicine reminders, activity reminders, etc., to help the elderly develop good living habits.

Health data analysis: Through the collected health data, the bracelet can perform data analysis to provide health advice and improvement programs for the elderly.

Long-term battery: The use of large-capacity lithium battery, a charge can support long-term use, reduce the number of charges, convenient for the elderly to use.

Waterproof design: Considering that the elderly may forget to remove the bracelet when washing their hands or taking a bath, our bracelet has IP66-IP68 waterproof function to ensure safe use in daily life.

Usage scenario

Family monitoring: Family members can know the location and health status of the elderly in real time through the APP, and respond to the needs of the elderly in time.

Medical and health management: Medical institutions can use the health data collected by the bracelet to provide more accurate health management services for the elderly.

Community elderly care services: The community can understand the dynamics of the elderly through the bracelet, and provide more intimate elderly care services.

Emergency rescue: When the elderly encounter an emergency, the SOS function of the bracelet can quickly notify the rescue personnel and improve the rescue efficiency.

Technical parameter

Network support: 4G full Netcom

GPS positioning accuracy: ±5 meters

Heart rate monitoring: 24-hour real-time monitoring

Blood pressure monitoring: Automatic measurement, accurate data

Temperature measurement: Fast and accurate

Waterproof rating: IP66-IP68 Optional

Screen display: 1.1-1.3 inches optional

Communication protocol: Open API, support custom development

Service and support

We provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to ensure that every user can get a satisfactory experience. At the same time, we will continue to update and optimize product features to meet the needs of the market and users.

All in all, our 4G all-Netcom elderly health bracelet GPS positioning watch locator is a multi-functional smart wearable device, which can not only bring convenience to the life of the elderly, but also provide strong support for their health management. Choosing our bracelet is choosing a caring health guardian.


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