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Leave the prison to visit relatives positioning control system anti-demolition electronic bracelet strap optional remote photo control

With the continuous progress of science and technology, smart wearable devices are also playing an increasingly important role in the field of judicial supervision. Thinkrace Care Star Technology company, which focuses on the development of innovative intelligent monitoring equipment, has launched a positioning control system designed for people leaving prison to visit their relatives – anti-demolition electronic anklet bracelet. Through high-tech means, this product ensures the strictness of supervision and the personal safety of the supervised personnel, and also provides convenience for their trips to visit relatives.


Remove the scissor alarm GPS positioning watch (demountable type) supports the one-click SOS heart rate detection band APP

With its innovative design and comprehensive functionality, Thinkrace’s demash-proof GPS positioning watch provides users with a safe, healthy and convenient smart wear solution. Whether it is home monitoring, elderly care, or personal health management, this watch is the ideal choice for you. Experience the technology of Thinkrace now, so that care and safety are always with you.


Corrector bail special electronic wristband real-time monitoring GPS tracker with positioning system APP

In modern society, with the continuous progress of science and technology, electronic monitoring equipment is increasingly widely used in the judicial field. In particular, for the supervision of correctional personnel during bail, electronic wristbands as an effective means of monitoring can ensure that correctional personnel comply with legal provisions during bail, while reducing unnecessary restrictions on personal freedom.


Victim protection Project dedicated to the watch Close proximity alarm watch away from domestic school violence

In today’s society, the problem of violence at home and on campus is getting more and more attention. To protect potential victims, Thinkrace Care Star Technologies has developed protective programs and products. An introduction to the “Close Proximity Alert Watch”, a smart device designed to prevent violence in the home and school.


Community correction smart electronic ankle bracelet Beidou GPS satellite prisoner positioning supports tamper-proof two-way call geo-fencing

With the continuous progress of science and technology, public security departments have also introduced innovative smart devices in the field of judicial supervision. Public security intelligent electronic ankle bracelet, also known as Beidou GPS satellite prisoner positioning ankle bracelet, is a high-tech product designed for judicial supervision.


4G smart watch body temperature heart rate health monitoring bracelet with SOS emergency call support API interface

With the growing market of smart wearable devices, 4G smart wristwatch has become an important tool for health monitoring and smart life with its unique functions and innovative design. This article will introduce this smart wristband watch with 4G network connection, high and low pressure monitoring, temperature, heart rate, blood oxygen monitoring and SOS emergency help function in detail, and explore the potential application of its API interface support.


Judicial supervision positioning wristband GPS tamper-proof electronic bracelet SOS emergency alarm watch positioning system

With the development of science and technology, judicial supervision means are also improving, among which, GPS anti-tamper electronic bracelet and SOS emergency alarm watch positioning system, as important tools of modern judicial supervision, provide strong support to ensure the fairness and efficiency of law enforcement.

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Thinkrace GPS Indoor and outdoor position solution Monitoring background system software customization supports APP side positioning

Thinkrace GPS positioning solution monitoring background system software customization function is powerful, provides a wealth of background management options, including real-time monitoring, historical track query, electronic fence Settings. Users can view the location information of monitored objects in real time through the background system for effective management and scheduling.