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GPS satellite locator 4G positioning electronic bracelet manufacturer community correction positioning management system

In modern society, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the needs of community correction and safety management for special groups are growing day by day. In order to meet this demand, as a manufacturer of GPS Beidou satellite positioning device and 4G positioning electronic bracelet for many years, Thinkrace Care Star company provides a more accurate and efficient positioning management system for special groups. The following is a detailed introduction to this system.

Product overview
Product name: Special group community correction positioning management syste

Core functions: Dual positioning based on GPS and Beidou satellite, 4G communication, real-time monitoring, electronic fence, behavior analysis, etc.

The system is designed for community correction personnel, the elderly, children and other special groups, through high-tech means to achieve real-time positioning and monitoring of these groups, to ensure their safety, while improving the efficiency and management level of community correction.

Functional characteristics
Dual satellite positioning: Combined with GPS and Beidou satellite system, it provides accurate positioning on a global scale, and can achieve stable and reliable positioning services in both urban and remote areas.

4G communication module: Support 4G network, ensure high speed and stability of data transmission, and facilitate real-time monitoring and information interaction.

Real-time monitoring: The system can receive the location information sent by the locator in real time, and display and analyze it through the management platform, so that the manager can understand the dynamics of the monitored object at any time.

Electronic fence function: Set a specific geographical range as an electronic fence, once the monitored object leaves or enters the area, the system will automatically issue an alarm.

Behavior analysis: By collecting and analyzing the action patterns of monitored objects, the system can identify abnormal behaviors and issue early warnings in time.

Historical track playback: The system can record and store the historical location information of the monitored object, which is convenient for later query and analysis.

Low battery reminder: When the locator battery is low, the system will automatically remind the manager to ensure that the device is always online.

Waterproof and dust-proof design: Considering the environmental challenges that special groups may face, the positioner is equipped with good waterproof and dust-proof performance.

User-friendly management platform: Provides an intuitive and easy-to-use management platform that supports multi-user operations and facilitates administrators of different roles to work together.

Data security and privacy protection: The system strictly complies with the relevant regulations on data security and privacy protection to ensure the security of user information.

Application scenario
The community Correction positioning management system for special groups is suitable for a variety of scenarios, including but not limited to:

Community correction: real-time monitoring of community correction personnel to ensure that they comply with regulations and improve the effect of correction.

Elder monitoring: provides location services for the elderly to prevent them from getting lost, while monitoring their health.

Child safety: Monitor the location of children to ensure their safety and prevent accidents.

Special occupational personnel monitoring: such as medical personnel, field workers, etc., to ensure their safety in a specific area.

The positioning management system of community correction for special groups is a combination of scientific and technological progress and humanistic care. It not only improves the level of safety management of special groups, but also contributes to social harmony and stability. With the continuous development of technology, we believe that this system will be more perfect and better serve the society and special groups.

Choosing GPS Beidou satellite locator manufacturers and 4G positioning electronic bracelet manufacturers is to choose professionalism and trust. We look forward to working with you to create a safer and smarter society.


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