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Thinkrace Community correction GPS position system solution 4G anti-demolition electronic bracelet bracelet software customization

Thinkrace Community Correction GPS positioning system is a high-tech product designed for community correction management. It provides real-time positioning monitoring and management services for community correction personnel through the combination of 4G network technology and GPS positioning. The system uses an advanced electronic bracelet or anklet as the carrier and built-in anti-disassembly mechanism to ensure that the positioning information of the correction object is accurate during the correction. Through software customization, Thinkrace can meet the specific needs of different community correction institutions and provide personalized monitoring and management functions, such as electronic fence, behavior analysis, emergency alarm, etc., to help correction institutions improve management efficiency and ensure the smooth progress of community correction work.

The software customization features of Thinkrace community Correction GPS positioning system solutions provide users with great flexibility and scalability. Users can customize and develop specific functional modules according to their actual needs, such as personnel information management, correction plan formulation, behavior evaluation report, etc. In addition, the user interface of the system is friendly and the operation is simple, which is easy for the correction staff to quickly get started and use. Through Thinkrace’s software customization services, community correction institutions can manage correction objects more efficiently, realize comprehensive monitoring of the correction process, and provide a more humane and scientific correction environment for correction objects, which will help them smoothly return to society.


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