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[Video]TR40-4G House arrest bracelet with power bank prisoner electronic GPS ankle monitor

[Video]TR40-Electric Foot Buckle Prison Guards Bail Parole Out Escort Special Stainless Steel Silicone Strap Real-Time Positioning

Introducing the TR40, an innovative electric foot buckle designed to enhance the security and efficiency of prison guard operations during bail, parole, and escort scenarios. This specialized device features a stainless steel silicone strap and offers real-time positioning capabilities, ensuring effective monitoring and control over individuals under supervision.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Silicone Strap: The TR40 is equipped with a durable stainless steel silicone strap that securely fastens around the individual’s foot, providing a strong and reliable restraint while ensuring comfort during extended periods of wear.
  • Real-Time Positioning: With real-time positioning technology, the foot buckle enables prison guards to monitor the precise location of the supervised individual at all times. This ensures effective supervision, reduces the risk of escape, and enhances overall security during bail, parole, or escort situations.
  • Enhanced Security: The TR40’s electric foot buckle is designed with robust security features, preventing unauthorized removal or tampering attempts. Any such actions trigger immediate alarms, alerting authorities to potential security breaches.
  • Efficient Operations: By utilizing the TR40, prison guards can streamline their operations, ensuring efficient management of individuals under supervision. The real-time positioning and secure restraint provided by the foot buckle contribute to smoother bail, parole, and escort processes.

Experience the power of the TR40, an advanced electric foot buckle designed for prison guard operations during bail, parole, and escort scenarios. With its stainless steel silicone strap, real-time positioning capabilities, and enhanced security features, the TR40 ensures effective supervision and control over individuals requiring close monitoring. Trust in this specialized device to enhance the security and efficiency of your correctional facility, enabling safer and more efficient bail, parole, and escort processes.


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