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[Video]PT880-House arrest bracelet with power bank prisoner electronic GPS ankle bracelet

[Video]PT880-House arrest bracelet with power bank prisoner electronic GPS ankle bracelet

Introducing the GPS tracker PT880, Tamper Proof GPS Watch,the anti-tamper wristband handcuff by Thinkrace. Designed Ankle Monitor for personnel tracking and monitoring, this innovative device offers a reliable solution for ensuring security and accountability.

[Video]PT880-House arrest bracelet with power bank prisoner electronic GPS ankle bracelet


1. Being suitable for Global 4G network in worldwide.

2. Supporting GPS, AGPS, LBS and Wifi for outdoor and indoor precise tracking.

3. Supporting alert of tampeproof, geofence, offline and low battery.

4. IP68 waterproof for swimming and taking shower with room temperature water.

5.Customization of tracking software and APPs to build your own monitoring system.

6.Customizing tracking system and App , hardware, appearance, firmware and packaging with your brand.

The prisoner tracker PT880 combines the functionalities of a rugged outdoor sports smartwatch with real-time location tracking capabilities. With its Ankle Monitor firmware SDK customization and open communication protocols, developers have the flexibility to create tailored applications and integrations.

The Ankle Monitor PT880 supports private deployment of positioning monitoring systems, allowing organizations to maintain full control over their tracking operations. In addition to its robust tracking capabilities, the Ankle Monitor PT880 includes advanced health monitoring features such as heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. This ensures the well-being of the wearer and allows for timely intervention when needed. The Ankle Monitor device also supports electronic geofencing and low battery alerts, providing additional layers of security.

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