Applicable industries
Industry pain spot
Vehicle allocation
Unreasonable regional distribution of vehicles affects work efficiency
Work situation
Unable to grasp the working conditions of taxi drivers
Road congestion
Unreasonable route increases road congestion
Vehicle theft
How to recover the stolen taxi quickly
Vehicle management, real-time analysis of road conditions and remote scheduling of taxis, nearby distribution of vehicles to improve efficiency
Through the mobile terminal, you can check the taxi's historical driving track at any time and master the driver's working conditions
The platform can provide real-time road condition analysis and work route planning, and effectively improve the working frequency of taxi drivers
Through the mobile terminal, the taxi can be remotely controlled to cut off the fuel and power supply, so as to prevent vehicle theft
Molding products
Platform and APP
Industry advantage
Positioning accuracy
Data accuracy
Low energy consumption
Certificate of high and low temperature
Comply with European standards
Highly compatible
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