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[Video]TR40-Thinkrace Corrector Electronic Ankle Cuff Positioning Metal Ankle Bracelet Real-Time Monitoring Of GPS Locator

Introducing the TR40, a cutting-edge electronic ankle cuff designed by Thinkrace for effective correctional monitoring. This advanced device is equipped with a GPS locator that enables real-time monitoring and positioning of individuals wearing the metal ankle bracelet. The TR40 is specifically designed for correctional purposes, providing enhanced security, supervision, and control.


[Video]PT400-GPS Electronic Monitoring Tracker Community Correction Ankle Bracelet

[Video]PT400-GPS Electronic Monitoring Tracker Community Correction Ankle Bracelet Free Tracking System.Ankle Monitor PT400 Tamper Proof GPS Watch is a kind of GPS positioning watch prisoner tracker that can be enforced and can not be taken off after being taken on. It can be mainly used for GPS tracker bail and parole, leaving prison to visit relatives, mental hospitals, patients with acute infectious diseases and other monitoring objects.