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Judicial supervision positioning wristband GPS tamper-proof electronic bracelet SOS emergency alarm watch positioning system

With the development of science and technology, judicial supervision means are also improving, among which, GPS anti-tamper electronic bracelet and SOS emergency alarm watch positioning system, as important tools of modern judicial supervision, provide strong support to ensure the fairness and efficiency of law enforcement.

[Video]PT880-House arrest bracelet with power bank prisoner electronic GPS ankle bracelet

[Vedio]PT880-Judicial Supervision Positioning Wristband GPS Anti-Demolition Electronic Bracelet Customized SOS Emergency Dial Alarm Watch

Introducing the PT880, a state-of-the-art judicial supervision positioning wristband designed to enhance offender monitoring and ensure community safety. Equipped with advanced GPS and anti-demolition technology, this wristband offers real-time and accurate tracking of individuals under judicial supervision. With its sleek design and comfortable fit, the PT880 provides a discreet and secure solution for effective supervision.