Applicable industries
Public Security Organization
Industry pain spot
Regular punch card
Traditional attendance assessment wastes time and is inefficient
Location problem
Unable to grasp the exact position of the monitor in real time
Scope of activities
Unable to control the monitor's range of activity
safety problem
How to ask for help in case of emergency
RFID is added to the watch, and the corresponding equipment will complete the punch once it is sensed, which effectively improves the efficiency of the wearer's attendance punch
Double positioning of GPS satellite positioning and LBS base station positioning, ensuring the accuracy of both indoor and outdoor positions
Set up a safety fence and send an alarm to the mobile terminal as soon as the wearer exceeds the safety range
When the user presses the SOS key in case of danger, the mobile terminal will immediately receive the alarm notice and the alarm position of the alarm person
Molding products
Platform and APP
Industry advantage
Real time location
High efficiency
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