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ThinkRace offers complete solution of hardware, software, mobile app, connectivity and support which satisfy special requirements of individual clients. Our system is in 16 languages and we are able to prepare more mutations and solve national and industry specifics. we can design accurate layout for your business. We support our resellers and make the cooperation easy.
Your Own Package
We help our partner to make your own package for the IoT products.
Your Own Brand
We also encourage our partner to make their own brand, we will print the logo on the IoT products.
Your Own Design
We have have the design team to make your own design of the IoT products when you find specific requirements in your market.
Your Own App
We protect our partner long intersts as many consumers regconize their brand by the mobile apps.

Our partner have their branded Apps

We provide technical support for our partner to help them to grow their business

They can have their own branded mobile apps to build up their brand, so they can keep the clients

If our partner are getting more business from their country, we will also support them to make change on the app for their local clients

ThinkRace will explore different opportunities with our partner on IoT/GPS tracking

Management Platform

We can provide free server for our partner to deployed the management platform, Data and users are most important asset for the IoT business

It is a web platform, our partner can use their own domain name for your client to login.

ThinkRace provide technical support on the management platform to integrate more reports and more features to help our partner to get more business.

Exclusive Partner

When we choose our partner, we will only have one partner in one country for each category or mutliple categories. So that our partner don't need to worry about they will complete with other companies in the same product. We will make sure our partner have the best products and the best price. We will help our partner to build the website and neccesary online marketing sales channels to get more business.

What is benefit for becoming a partner?

We do business with our partner not just a simple transaction, it is sharing the jouney, the information, the experience and the strategy. We will fight together, we will win. The most important thing is when we are on the top of the mountain, we will have a lot of stories to share.

Low Price

ThinkRace will always keep the lowest price for our partner, they can get more profit by selling our products.

Share Clients

We will share clients in the same country to the partner when we get the inquries from different sales channels.

Info and Tech

We keep our partner updated on the lastest information and technology, so that they can get more business and knowledge.

Marketing Strategy

We will use the best marketing strategy and work closely with our partner for example social media, websites and others.

Become our partner
To know more information about the partnership program or request a partnership agreement, please send us an email
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