Applicable industries
Small and medium enterprises
Industry pain spot
Cost problem
The cost of independent development is high, and it is difficult to bear the shortage of funds
Periodic problem
The independent development cycle is too long, and it is difficult to make profits in a short time
Personnel problems
Self development of software requires a comprehensive IT team
Later maintenance
The maintenance of software in the later stage is more complicated, which increases the burden of manpower
Nanjing starris can provide high-quality and low-cost software development for small and medium-sized enterprises to help enterprises customize high-quality and low-cost software
Nanjing starris has a full range of professional personnel, who can strictly control the development cycle and efficiently fulfill the development requirements of users
Nanjing xingruis staff have some working experience and can efficiently fulfill the user's requirements
Nanjing starris provides the operation and maintenance of the software in the later stage, which can help users reduce the maintenance cost in the later stage
Platform and APP
Industry advantage
Provide source code
Auxiliary operation and maintenance
Short cycle
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