RFID personnel positioning system

RFID personnel positioning system
ThinkRace technology develops RFID personnel positioning system. With active RFID mode, it is more accurate and effective, and the accuracy can reach 2m radius. Through remote and non-contact collection of electronic tag information, and transmission to the system through wireless network, the system can transmit information in real time. In terms of personnel positioning in integrated indoor and outdoor places, active RFID technology can be implemented seamlessly At present, indoor and outdoor

System framework        System framework

System framework

System framework

1: RFID readers regularly transmit signals to RFID tags and collect data from them.

2: RFID reader uploads data to the cloud server.

3: The updated data will be transferred to the user interface.

Working principle of RFID tracking solution system

Working principle of RFID tracking solution system

Due to the signal strength, an RFID reader can only cover a limited area of RFID tags. Please refer to the image next to it, which shows the limited coverage.

Reader 01 can read three tags.

Reader 02 can read two tags.

Reader 03 reads the 0 tag.

Scene I construction site safety

Scenario II RFID Mining Solution

Scenario III RFID Student Safety System

RFID Hardware

Remotely Recording Student Attendance

Back-end server

Support mqtt and TLS

Remote record attendance


Thinkrace manages a 15000 square meter factory with 300 workers. The factory has SMT, assembly line and laboratory. We can produce more than 3 million IOT devices a year.

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