Hotel safety management solutions


Hotel safety management solutions


In 2020, a sudden epidemic of New Coronavirus pneumonia spread throughout the country. New Coronavirus had a serious impact on people's work and life. All walks of life were carrying out epidemic prevention and control. In addition, the hotel is densely populated, so it is very important to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

But now the hotel is facing many serious problems in the temperature management and trajectory inversion of passengers and isolation personnel. During the epidemic period, apart from home isolation, hotel isolation was the first to bear the brunt. Hotel hardware infrastructure and software services, intelligent monitoring, etc. should have a certain level.

The hotel safety management scheme launched by Thinkrace is composed of hotel management platform and temperature and tear proof watch. Based on the technology of artificial intelligence, location, temperature measurement and heart rate detection, this scheme can realize the functions of automatic non-contact rapid screening of overheating personnel, automatic generation of personnel trajectory, rapid locking of contact crowd, automatic alarm of crowd gathering, etc. It can reduce the infection risk of traditional detection personnel, and provide visualized big data analysis and fine tracking management for epidemic control decision-making. Applicable scenarios: isolated hotels, hotels, group hotels, apartments, office buildings, schools, factories, stations, airports and other occasions.


Through the hotel safety management scheme, the hotel can realize:

•  Quick identification of over temperature personnel - early detection and morning report;

•  fast targeting of contact population - early isolation and treatment;

• Prevent aggregation early warning, prevent crowd aggregation, - prevent proliferation;

• If the bracelet is removed or damaged, the relevant person in charge will be informed automatically;

• The system automatically generates daily reports, - approved by the person in charge;