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THINKRACE works in-depth with global telecom operations,

Innovation mode, work together to create intelligent safety and health


Join hands with Vodafone to focus on "safety and health"

Vodafone is a world-renowned telecom operator and one of the world's top 500 companies. However, in recent years, with the popularization of telecom services, mobile voice and data services have been developing rapidly in the world, and the increase of mobile phone penetration rate, the growth of mobile phone voice and data services has gradually slowed down, forcing operators to seek for new growth points. In this context, Vodafone has established a partnership with Nanjing THINKRACE technology co., LTD., hoping to re-enter the market with the help of THINKRACE.

First of all, we provided Vodafone with children's positioning watch, which is an APP designed by Nanjing THINKRACE technology co., ltd. for parents to better protect their children. Through this APP, parents can have more interactions and supervision with their children, and learn about their children's safety and health anytime and anywhere. It is helpful for parents to better guard against the safety of their children and give their babies the most intimate care at all times. Secondly, a pet locator is provided to help people locate their pets and prevent them from getting lost. Finally, the vehicle locator can ensure the safety of the driver on the road, and reduce the worry of car theft. The vehicle loss rate is very low. Escort for travel. Nanjing THINKRACE provides a variety of Internet of things equipment, laying a foundation for telecom operators to provide rich terminals for the growth of Internet of things business.

Nanjing THINKRACE, intelligent wearable device cloud in integrating technology, including the human health data storage, analysis, processing, display, and to the health of the users to customize the required services, open the smart wear new patterns, Nanjing star, will continue to work with partners to develop and enrich the ecosystem "wisdom health", also look forward to working with more businesses in the ability to share data, and docking of value-added services, such as industrial chain for strategic cooperation. 


THINKRACE is driving ORANG push into the Internet of things


Orange, one of France's leading European telecoms operators, is looking for the next boost to the economy as a new "cold wave" of capital threatens the transition between the Internet of things and the Internet. When they saw that the Internet of things and the Internet of everything was a new growth point, they actively looked for partners around the world. After selection by several companies, they finally found Nanjing THINKRACE technology co., ltd., and hoped to establish cooperation with it.According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will establish a strategic partnership in the field of Internet of things equipment, give full play to their respective advantages, deepen cooperation, and seek innovation in cooperation mode based on the market environment. THINKRACE, for example, provides richer terminals for its growth in the Internet of things business, helping Orange to embrace the impact of the Internet of things.

In the next few years, the smart wearable industry will enter the rapid development stage, and smart wearable products will become the link of unified and integrated management of all industries, which has become an irresistible trend of The Times. Nanjing THINKRACE will also actively explore the innovation mode of products, constantly improve the functions of intelligent wearable products, and create products that meet the market trend and user demand value.

Work with Saudi telecom to make the hajj safer

As one of the basic systems that must be observed by the followers of Islam, every adult Muslim with economic strength and physical strength has the religious obligation to go to mecca. All Muslims, men, and women, do their best to make the pilgrimage to mecca at least once in their lives. More than three million Muslims from different countries make the annual pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, making their safety a top concern for their families.

THINKRACE provides further security for tens of thousands of hajj elders who travel to Mecca each year by partnering with STC to provide smartwatches and smart location CARDS.

The smart wristwatch and smart positioning card provided by Nanjing THINKRACE can conduct track inquiry, and the families of pilgrims can directly check their movement track by logging into the APP background. Besides, it is accompanied by precise positioning, so that family members can obtain their geographical location information more accurately and feel more assured. In case of loss, family members can get the location through their smart wristwatch, which can quickly find the wearer. Families can also set up electronic fences for their smartwatches, which automatically feedback information to their phones when worshipper arrives at a designated area, notifying them of their arrival. Play a custodial role. In case of emergency, the worshipper can call for help by pressing SOS to avoid accidents.

In short, smartwatches and smart location CARDS will make it easier for hajj organizers and families in each region to keep track of their safety and to keep track of their movements as a souvenir.

Through the successful application of smart wristwatch and smart positioning card in Saudi Arabia, Nanjing THINKRACE technology co., ltd. Has further demonstrated its product strength and highlighted the humanistic spirit of science and technology. Now safety and health are of vital importance to each of every family and us, which is the basis of the pursuit of happiness and career. THINKRACE will continue to provide health and safety monitoring for every family through the Internet of things, smart wearable devices, big data systems, and intelligent systems, so that each of us can clearly understand the safety and health status of family members.

Working with Claro, a Brazilian telecoms operator, to create child safety

Many parts of South America are among the most dangerous in the world, with drugs, guns, and kidnappings. Claro as local's largest telecom operator in order to solve local parents for their children to school and travel security issues, and built with THINKRACE child safety travel platform, provide travel for hundreds of thousands of children safety intelligent equipment and background monitoring system, as well as attempt in the field of Internet of things more provides a good solution.

Nanjing THINKRACE stone provides smart bracelets, smartwatches, and a series of background monitoring systems to help children in Brazil. The biggest function of smart wear is to ensure the safety of children. Smartwatches have more and more diversified functions from positioning to SOS alarm to CG. Parents can know their child's real-time geographical location through the mobile phone APP. In case of emergency, the child can press the emergency button on the smartwatch to respond to the parents about the current situation. It can be said that the emergence of smart wearable devices for children has become a blessing for every Brazilian family, allowing children to grow up healthily and happily in a safe environment. Through these devices, people can better perceive external and internal information, process information more efficiently with the assistance of computers, networks, and even other people, and realize more seamless communication. To a large extent, the above tragedy has been avoided.

Background monitoring system enables family members to know the current situation of their children at any time and anywhere. In case of special circumstances, parents can timely know and take corresponding protective measures.

With the continuous development and progress of modern science and technology, more and more science and technology are used in people's life. THINKRACE will continue to pay attention to health, life, the role of science and technology to people, to solve people's urgent needs and services.

Join hands with China Unicom to promote smart development

When every industry is talking about smart, networked things, so is the healthcare industry,Therefore, when facing the rapid changes of the Internet of things and intelligent, what attitude should the medical and nursing design take to deal with the industry reform? There is no doubt that the development of the industry is driving the improvement of the comprehensive ability of design institutions. Only with full service can it keep up with the pace of The Times.

In this context, THINKRACE and China Unicom have joined hands to promote the development of smart medical care. First THINKRACE , in Yiyang to provide remote medical treatment for tens of thousands of the old man of the family, slow disease management, health management services, through the use of high-precision sensors and big data intelligent algorithm to provide technical support for medical wisdom, has a key position alarm, monitoring and other functions, guarantee the seizures can get timely rescue, also fast synchronization patients basic information, help the hospital emergency preparation in advance, to shorten the rescue time, as the lifeguard! , and combining with China Unicom network healthy data acquisition and video link family doctors, a key SOS distress at a variety of home endowment service, and combining with the implementation of pre-hospital emergency 120 data collection, and uploaded to the cloud, provides the hospital emergency doctor first aid before the data support, improve efficiency, reduce misjudgment misdiagnosis.

Promote medical combination, the most important still is to return to the beginner's mind, Nanjing THINKRACE, will always adhere to the concept of focus on the needs of the elderly, according to the implementation of the whole life cycle of the requirements of healthy ageing strategy, 5 g, deep learning and advanced technology such as large data, to occupy the pension and social services to provide strong technical support, promote the development of pension mode innovation, set up each link of the organic link integrated health care system.