The Difference of ODM and OEM in Intelligent Bracelets


The Difference of ODM and OEM in Intelligent Bracelets

Among intelligent wearable devices, we often hear OEM and ODM, many people can’t tell difference between these two words, today let’s learn something new about the difference about OEM and ODM.

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OEM is the abbreviation of Original Equipment Manufacturer, it means that the brand owner devotes to the research and development and sale of products, giving products manufacturing to other factories of similar products by contracted orders. Then brand owners buy all ordered products and put their own brands. This cooperation method of manufacturing by other factories is called OEM, commonly known as OEM production and those factories who do OEM production are called OEM factories. This production mode was at first popular in developed European and American countries. At the end of last century became popular in Chinese coastal cities.


ODM is the abbreviation of Original Design Manufacturer. It means that one manufacture has designed one product which is favored by other enterprises, these manufactures ask the first one to put their brands and produce, or change a little the design to produce. Manufactures who accept design and production business are called ODM. The product scheme designed by the manufacture can be provided to the brand owner in the form of buy-out or non-buy-out.


Briefly, OEM is producing according to samples, ODM is customization. These two methods have their own features and have been adopted by many famous companies and enterprises of medium and small sizes. Thinkrace is an IoT technical company focused on personal location and health management devoted mainly on research and development and production of IoT intelligent wearable products. Thinkrace owns a strong technical development team, has developed independently core arithmetic of functions such as pedometer, sleep, heart rate etc, at the same time it owns advanced automatic production equipment and professional management, research and development, production and service teams, ensuring product quality scale, standardized production and fast delivery. The company owns many patents of intelligent wearable devices, large part of products have been certificated by CE、RoHS、FCC etc. Thinkrace offers intelligent bracelet development project to brand customers and one stop ODM general solution from product research and development, design to production for intelligent bracelets.

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