Introduction of Wechat Mini Program of Smart Wearable Devices


Introduction of Wechat Mini Program of Smart Wearable Devices

Wechat mini programs as a carrier of light weight applications, make many application scenarios easier. Before if we want to connect the traditional intelligent wearable devices to mobile phones, then two different APP should be developed, IOS and ANDROID which cost time and money. The appearance of Wechat mini programs has improved the effect.

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 Wechat mini programs have two huge advantages:

1. Cross platform- Don’t need to develop APP of ANDROID or IOS, just need using API of Wechat mini program.

2. Based on Wechat, Wechat is the most frequently used APP installed in mobile phone.

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With several years’ technical precipitation, Thinkrace owns a developing and research team with more than one hundred persons, matured developing system and professional coordination procedure. We will open the API of Beehome mini program and offer technical support to help clients with integration. When we talk about the API port of Beehome mini program, everyone should know the Cloud Server. In mainland many companies realize cloud arithmetic to software service. The cloud server is very hot with huge space, to those who don’t have servers, this can help them save developing cost and human resource. Take Bee Home for example, clients can get information and data from wearable devices.

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The API of Beehome Wechat mini program, inside with many ports which can be used for different functions. Bee Home mini program developing frame offers abundant API ports, can easily raise wechat functions, for example user’s real time position, heart rate date, historical trajectory etc.

Thinkrace has developed many different IoT applications and software, more than 99% wearable device protocol can be integrated to the platform, so hot selling smart wearable devices can be integrated to the platform.