IoT Creating Smart Environmental Sanitation, Delicacy Management of City Environmental Sanitation


IoT Creating Smart Environmental Sanitation, Delicacy Management of City Environmental Sanitation

How can urban environmental sanitation bear more pressure during peak travel time? How to manage better sanitation vehicles and workers? These problems are troubling the department of health and the working efficiency can hardly be improved.


 Following the improvement of urban delicacy management and impulse of reform of integration of urban-rural environmental sanitation, Thinkrace has used IoT technology in traditional industries based on city features and powerful resource integration capacity, applying big data, IoT, GPS position, artificial intelligent arithmetic and mobile communication technology, created smart environmental sanitation and solved problems encountered during work.

 GPS watch.jpg

Administers just need click the mouse and workers’ position in all streets will appear on the screen. Administers can see the monitor at any moment and schedule and manage workers and vehicles. Every sanitation worker wears one GPS watch, their position, historical trajectory can be seen on the screen.


Functions realized by Thinkrace smart environmental sanitation solution:

Position monitoring

By GIS geographic information system, personal position information can be displayed and recorded.

Roll caller within long distance

By long pressing the SOS button, the system can receive SOS alarm and confirm the position where the alarm is sent and finish the roll caller. Late arrival, early departure and absenteeism can be monitored automatically.

Illegal behaviour monitoring

Real time situation like be out of Geo fence, illegal stay etc can be monitored, making it easy for administers to deal with.

Operational area planning

In the GIS map, the division of responsibility areas in the responsibility grid can be displayed, including the name of the person in charge of each responsibility area, the name of the area, the number of inspections in the plan, the arrival time and the duration of inspections etc.

IoT has formed preliminary scale of building smart city, Thinkrace will continue to combine advanced technology and put education, medical treatment, fire fighting and many other social and public sectors into the city intelligent management system, find out blind spots with efficiency and accuracy, improve and optimize constantly, offering visual, digital and traceability technical support. So as to effectively improve management efficiency, reduce costs and improve efficiency.