The Satellite Internet Can Open the Next New GPS Era?


The Satellite Internet Can Open the Next New GPS Era?

With the arriving of 5G and bloom of artificial intelligence, people’s demanding about time and space position is also increasing.

Right now many internet applications are profoundly integrated with position information, in the future internet information service will not change this fact, but also make more industries connected and integrated more profoundly. As the satellite Internet has come into public’s sight, demands about satellite’s accuracy and service quality will be higher, the traditional satellite navigation system will face a new reform. As China, USA, Russia and Europe have launched lots of satellites into space forming global Internet, projects of strengthening satellite GPS position and internet communication are being focused.

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 The satellite Internet is an Internet broad band service mode based on satellite assess, it belongs to informative infrastructure. Putting the satellite Internet into new infrastructure reflects demands brought by digital and informative. Following the progress of spaceflight and communication technology, this kind of service will become possible. The satellite internet provides services not only limited to broadband, but also improving the GPS position and timing accuracy and IoT which can trace personals in spaceflight and navigation.

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The application of satellite is divided into three areas: position, communication and remote sensing. The position is mainly location and strengthen, on the ground the Internet is based on LBS communication, the satellite Internet is based on the satellite communication technology accessed to Internet, just like moving the ground LBS to the space, every satellite will be a moving LBS. Satellites in low Earth orbits within 500-2000 km, the communication transmission delay between earth and the satellite is less than 1 second, this is enough to meet demands of IoV, accurate position and automatic driving. Integrated with 5G, industrial internet, IoT and big data, the scenarios of satellite Internet will be abundant.

Thinkrace Technology has practised many projects in China, UAE, Spain, Portugal and countries of south and north America, based on GPS accurate position and integrated with main satellite location technology, has realized multi modes of location with GPS, BEIDOU, WIFI, LBS. This technology can be used outside in large open area with complicated situation to track personal position, realizing the seamless connection of outside and inside position demands. By using regional position management, personal security can be guaranteed and security risks can be avoided. Functions include real time position, historical trajectory, Geo fencing, one key SOS, visual data analysis, all these functions can realize high effective management and establish and improve long term management mechanism.

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In future, Thinkrace will continue in IoT information collection with GPS core position technology, explore the completed solution and application of position service and welcome the new era of position industry.Our products: GPS tracker, smart watch, tracking system and so on.