Thinkrace 4G Smart Watch, Providing SDK Second Developing Project


Thinkrace 4G Smart Watch, Providing SDK Second Developing Project

4G smart watch has many functions, such as blood pressure monitoring, pedometers, running distance, incoming call informing, message sending, video photograph etc. Besides these functions, Thinkrace also provides SDK development package, second soft development access can be provided to clients.

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Thinkrace focuses on system and hardware projects of personal health and position management, provides intelligent bracelets, smart watches and other intelligent devices for schools, prisons, old peoples’ homes, property management, restaurants together with SDK and API port.

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Thinkrace’s products are suitable for software developing companies, clients can use SDK to make the second development, using the open API to realize multi-channels management on the platform, in PC or mobile phone and developing the best system solution project for different scenarios.

Thinkrace focuses on development and production of intelligent wearable devices which have two main differences compared with other companies whose target customers are general public:

1.Thinkrace’s products are for special groups, for example students at schools, prisoners in judicial scenario, elderly in old people’s homes, administrators of property management, stuffs in restaurants, these products are used to monitor personal heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, pedometer, location and achieve intelligent analysis and management using big data.

2.Thinkrace provides SDK and opens API, software developers and integrator can send data collected by the device to their own platform, with unlimited functions different application scenarios can be converted.

3.With our own factory, the payment and delivery is flexible, the quality is controlled, technical issue can be solved timely and post services can be guaranteed.

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