Location System for Port Stuffs, Real Time Security Monitoring and Controlling and Intelligent Alarming


Location System for Port Stuffs, Real Time Security Monitoring and Controlling and Intelligent Alarming

With the rapid development of international economy, the maritime transportation has become an important point of international modern transportation and supply chain. In modern ports the difference of management and information levels have restricted its development. As the key point of global transportation network, it’s affecting the development of export and import trading, at the same time as a hub of the logistic channel, which plays an important role in the economic development.

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 Due to ports features like large size, many heavy equipment and uneven workers distribution, incidents can be caused easily without cautious during manipulation. In the traditional management, lack of efficient monitoring and prevention measures, many problems can be founded and dealt in time causing low efficiency during work and personal security protection can’t be guaranteed.

 Regarding to these questions, based on GPS location and IoT technology and relayed on strong technology and industrial profound observation, Thinkrace has successfully applied the Port’s stuff location management system and GPS watch/smart watch in several ports. Personal security is guaranteed, risk is avoided, main functions include real time position, movement trajectory, Geo fence, one button alarming, visual data collection and analysis etc. These functions can realize multi level personal management and promote intelligent security management.

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Function presentation

1.Real time position

The monitoring system shows the real time personal position, movement. These functions can facilitate personal management and obtain information to ensure security operation.

2.Historical trajectory

Worker’s historical trajectory can be checked at any time which provides data proof for personal management. Based on historical trajectory, post regulation can be realized and the work procedure meeting with the post management can be guaranteed.

3.Geo fence and intelligent alarming

Set Geo fence for risk or important zones. If any stuff stays close or enters into the zone, real time alarming will be triggered alerting the stuff and administrators in order to protect personal security.

4.One button SOS rescue

Once the stuff encounters risk or needs help, can send emergency message by putting the SOS button on the 4G watch, when the alarm is triggered, the platform records the alarming and send alerting messages (time, location, emergency type and status), administrators can make rapid and effective actions.

5.Emergency rescue

When accidents happen, emergency rescue can be made by personal location and historical trajectory offering important proof to rescue and improving rescue efficiency.

6.Visual data analysis

The location platform owns perfect data statistical analysis function, which can be connected to the large screen showing directly all kinds of data statistical analysis including real time personal number statistic, alarming statistic, checking statistic etc. It makes a comprehensive visual data display and analysis on the site.

7.Intelligent attendance

Can check workers’ start/leave time, working hours, working detail facilitating the data statistic of administrators and realizing intelligent attendance and job rating.