Features of GPS Location


Features of GPS Location

Thinkrace core team was founded in 2006 dedicating to design, production of GPS intelligent devices and industrial solution integration. During these years the team has won admiration of many world wide top 500 enterprises providing design, research and production of IoT and intelligent wearable devices, among them HUAWEI, LENOVO, VODAFONE, TATA, ALIANZA etc. We hear GPS very often, however, how does GPS locate? Today let’s know together what is GPS and its features.

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 GPS is the abbreviation of Global Positioning System which includes three main parts, GPS satellite, GPS ground supporting system, GPS receptor.

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GPS satellite, the GPS space part is composed by 24 satellites distributed in 6 orbits with same distance between them. These satellites are more than 20.000 kilometers far from the Earth, this kind of distribution can make sure that any place on earth can be covered by 4 satellites at any moment. GPS satellites can emit high accurate 3D to unlimited users in covered areas continuously and all day long that are speed, position and time.

GPS ground supporting system, the ground monitoring part is constructed by several monitoring stations distributed around the world. According to different functions, these monitoring stations are divided into master controlling station, injection station and temporary controlling station. The ground monitoring system of GPS working satellites is composed by one master controlling station, three injection stations and five global temporary controlling stations.

GPS receptor, which is a special made radio receiver used to receive the signal emitted by GPS satellites in order to get the location information and realize navigation and location. Elderly bracelets, 4G watches, children’s location shoes and pet trackers launched by Thinkrace can receive satellite signal and emit data to APP and platform by using SIM card and IoT card.

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Main features of GPS location technology

1. Global continuous cover, due to numerous satellites and the special designed distribution and circle operation, at least 4 satellites can be observed on earth any time and anywhere making sure the continuous 3D location all day long around the world.

2. Real time location. The GPS location system can confirm the object’s real time 3D coordination and speed in order to monitor and correct the object’s moving direction, avoid adverse environment, choose the best navigation line which is hard to be achieved by many companies.

3.High accuracy location. Using GPS system can obtain the high accuracy coordination, speed and time of moving objects, in a large space the high accuracy location of stilled objects can be obtained, the location accuracy technology will be improved following the development of technology.

4.High efficiency of monitoring of stilled objects. According to different accuracy demands, the time of static observation of GPS verifies from minutes to ten days, from data collection to data processing are finished automatically.

5.Wide application. GPS is applied in surveying and mapping field, resource exploration, environment conservation, agriculture, forestry, husbandry, fishing, vehicle navigation and control, crustal movement monitoring, engineering deformation monitoring, Geo dynamics due to its all weather, high accuracy, automatic and high efficiency.

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Right now, following the development of GPS technology, GPS has entered our daily life and is changing our life mode. Almost all vehicles are depending on GPS. GPS receivers in form of watch, mobile phones with GPS function have become the loyal guide of traveler. Like mobile phones and Internet, GPS has a great impact on our daily life and we can’t live without GPS.