What Technologies are Needed in the Developing of GPS Tracking Software?


What Technologies are Needed in the Developing of GPS Tracking Software?

Many people have encountered this question when they were developing APP, that is should we use PHP or JAVA to develop? Is the so called combined H5 or the original method? In fact this is a basic concept. At the moment of choosing, we consider more the expand-ability, stability and maintainability in the future. Also which one is cheaper or with more stable technical structure. We would like to share with you the common technical projects and ideas at the moment of developing GPS location system.

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 First of all, in technical structure the APP development includes the platform administration which is operated in PC to manage the whole system. Several functions are included such as users, limits of authority, orders and other management functions. Another is the front-end of APP which includes iOS and Android, this is the whole system structure of this APP. The common technical project used by system developers is separating front end and back end. The front end uses iOS and Android languages to develop and in the back end by using connectors, the back end is in charge of the development of management platform.

PHP and JAVA are the most popular technical project used in technical structure, also the .NET technology. More people choose PHP to develop because there are many mature things for reference. When your system is complicated, for example financial trading system or there are many business modules in the back end, or complicated electronic business systems, JAVA is often used to develop.

What is the difference between these two technologies? First, PHP developing speed is faster, JAVA developing has advantages in system structure and dexterity. Besides, at the moment of developing, which one should we use, the original ode or combined H5? As we know, following the development of technology, the development based on original mode is writing different codes and different languages in every client side.

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