Thinkrace Bluetooth Intelligent Watch Project


Thinkrace Bluetooth Intelligent Watch Project

Thinkrace has launched a new Bluetooth intelligent watch project, this project adopts the newest Bluetooth chip, the watch can be connected to mobile phone or PC through Bluetooth, information of weather, messages, call in mobile phones can be obtained, the watch can also send sport and heart rate data to mobile phone and provide real time health information to users, making users to face life and work with positive attitude. We support OEM/ODM with your brand.

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 Functions of Bluetooth Intelligent Watch

1.Application notification

 The application notification in the APP of Bluetooth intelligent bracelet means that the watch can inform notifications like calls, messages and notifications of third party. This can prevent that users miss any important message.

2.Sport and heart rate data

Sport and heart rate data is the necessary function of every Bluetooth intelligent watch, by using this function, users can record pedometer, distance, heart rate and calorie burning etc. These recorded information can be sent to mobile phone and help users know better their health condition.

3.Weather management

The Bluetooth intelligent watch can provide weather switch function, it can automatically locate the city and send alert of weather prevention.

4.Clock and alarm

 Clock and alarm function means that when the user uses the smart watch, several alarms can be set in the software system, when the set time arrives, the watch will vibrate. The alarm can be turned off by touching the screen.

5.Bluetooth location

 Bluetooth real time location

6.One key alarming

 In a certain degree it serves as protection to users, especially to juveniles.We support OEM/ODM for both Bluetooth bracelet and software APP with customer’s brand.

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