The Design of Low Battery Consumption of Community Correction Bracelet Launched by Thinkrace


The Design of Low Battery Consumption of Community Correction Bracelet Launched by Thinkrace

With the rapid development of information technology, the use of computer technology, geographic information technology, GPS positioning technology, communication technology has become an inevitable trend, regulatory agencies for community inmates with community correction bracelet. It has become an important supervision way and method to monitor and manage the position of community prisoners through community correction bracelet, which can be used as the basis of law enforcement. Community correction bracelet to wear 24 hours, in addition to the requirement of waterproof, for the standby time also has high requirements. The community correction Bracelet launched by Siris technology is widely used in the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe and other countries and regions. So how does our team solve the problem of standby? Let's learn about it today.

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First of all, this bracelet comes with a portable charger, the device can be charged without being taken off.

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Secondly, in the design, our engineers have adopted low consumption design.

Hardware Low Consumption Design

1.Hardware circuit components: using integrated circuit itself has already played an important role in reducing battery consumption of electronic components and the whole system.

2.The choosing of outside low consumption components: using highly integrated components in order to reduce the number of circuit components and the consumption of the device.

3.The choose of microprocessor: this community correction bracelet is of embedded development, so choosing the right processor has a great influence on the consumption of embedded system. By now the working voltage of many embedded microprocessors can be reduced below 2V.The high efficiency processors can offer several clock frequencies and working voltage finally in order to reduce the consumption to minimum.

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Software Low Consumption Design

1.Optimized Compiler: In the design of embedded system, software plays a leading role in hardware activities, which has a great influence on the energy consumption. Engineers of Thinkrace reduce the system consumption by optimizing software.

2.Algorithm optimization: researchers of Thinkrace use reasonable formulas and calculating methods to save the algorithm time inside the system and reduce battery consumption.

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Designs of hardware and software have been considered when engineers tried to make low battery consumption in this community correction bracelet. In the real usage, engineers have to take different factors into consideration including conditions and states and analysis all details and calculate and resume different possible methods, then the satisfied effects of reducing consumption can be obtained. So when the customer chooses suppliers, the good supplier with rich experience should be chosen, they should have capacity to design from hardware-software-finished goods and keep optimizing.


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