The Review of Technical Support of Thinkrace Technology in the World’s Special Olympic Games


The Review of Technical Support of Thinkrace Technology in the World’s Special Olympic Games

The world’s special Olympic games hold in Abu Dhabi in 2019 is a good example of sport spirit and inclusiveness, it’s a milestone of witness of integration power. Special athletes left their homes and community and entered the world approving that intellectual obstacles can’t stop their excellent life.

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Thinkrace Technology was the appointed provider of intelligent wearable devices in special Olympic games in Abu Dhabi, athletes’ position and historical trajectory can be seen through the GPS watch. Once the athletes didn’t arrive or got lost, the authorities could find them through the mobile APP to ensure the normal running of games and athletes’ personal security.

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The intelligent GPS bracelet used in this special Olympic games can be used to monitor remotely athletes’ steps, heart rate, blood pressure etc and build personal electronic health data. When the athletes didn’t feel well, emergency rescue and real time health monitoring could be realized. Every monitoring and every change of blood pressure can show the health state of athletes and provide important proofs to coaches and team leaders.

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Besides, Thinkrace had deployed the system for the game. The commission could check athletes’ real time health states. By using the hardware and software, continuous health monitoring can be realized to athletes, once incidents occurred, the platform could get the position to ensure quick response and emergency rescue.

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Thinkrace had build technical support team transferring elites of technical, customer service and sales departments, realized real time monitoring dealing with emergency incidents and ensured that games went smoothly in order and security.

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Thinkrace devotes himself in the supply of all-round protection for different outside activities like large scale sport games, marathon and cross country races.It provides technical support to scientific sports, activity arrangement and campus management by using high accurate sensor and big data intellectual algorithm. Thinkrace makes full use of its advantage and provides position security, health management services, intelligent wearable cloud service and software application development, operation and maintenance of data of security and health to customers helping more world level games.