Importance of Security Management of Staffs in Hydraulic Power Plants


Importance of Security Management of Staffs in Hydraulic Power Plants

Recently, the hydraulic power plants construction projects around the world have developed quickly, this huge success has made great contribution to the national energy security, national economy development and regional prosperity.

Meanwhile, most hydraulic power projects are in alpine and gorge regions where the geographic condition is complicated and the working environment is also tough, then it’s hard to control risks. These projects have features like one-off, integrity, large scale, long term, high risk, periodicity etc. Due to its surrounding environment and its characteristics, there is high possibility happening accidents during the project, the uncertainty has a important shock to projects construction schedule and affects projects’ smooth and continuous development making secure production a serious situation. So, since accidents and disaster can’t be avoided, the hydraulic power construction units should pay more attention to the emergency management to deal urgent accidents.

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In recent years the government has issued several regulations concerned about the emergency management, related departments have strengthened the control of emergency management in this industry and stated clearly its requirements to the development of secure emergency industries.

According to its speciality, Thinkrace has launched a security solution project integrated with hardware and software for workers in hydraulic power plants. Together with the location management platform, workers wear GPS watch, GPS bracelet, GPS tracker etc, using GPS location technology and IoT technology, can improve the security and emergency management level during the construction, strengthen secure production management, meet demands of emergency management and resource allocation during construction, provide theoretical and technical support to identify dangerous source, risk monitoring and evaluation, emergency accident dealing etc, this management system plays an important role in the security construction in hydraulic power plants. This GPS location system can be used together with other systems like video monitoring, access control system, emergency broadcast, anti terrorist which forms an unified security management platform, improves its auto management level and location information management level of workers and devices during the basic construction period and security production period and ensures the security management requirement in hydraulic power plants.

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Thinkrace Technology, based on IoT technology, focuses on the future development of chemical IoT and its top design, and its location system is a general management system based on the lasted IoT, computer technology. Thinkrace is devoting to provide more practical value to enterprises by offering visual management platform. This system not only provides location function, but also focuses on the daily demands of security production and management, this system is a professional location management system with advanced technology, rich experience and stable operation which provides integrated intelligent solution to smart factories and intelligent construction sites.

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