Normal Waterproof Design of Intelligent Wearable Devices


Normal Waterproof Design of Intelligent Wearable Devices

Waterproof is an important function to intelligent wearable devices, especially in community correction and home quarantine monitoring, in these cases the device can’t be taken off when wishing hands or having bath, which has a higher requirement to waterproof function. Today let’s talk about existed waterproof designs in markets during device design and production.

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Structure Waterproof

Structure waterproof is the most traditional mode used in intelligent wearable devices, by draining and diversion, an effective isolation between outside parts and inside electronic parts can be realized. In order to achieve this, the mould has become more complicated and costed more money. For example during last few years, when they were designing the headphone jack and charging port in waterproof mobile phone, they adopted designs like waterproof cover to avoid water injection from outside parts.

Casting Glue Waterproof

Casting glue waterproof means using epoxy potting sealant to seal different parts of the intelligent devices, this way can make all PCB boards enveloped inside to resist water, humid, smoke, mycete, shock and external force etc.

Advantages of casting glue waterproof: high resistance, high adhesive strength, weather fastness, low shrinkage rate, good isolation performance ,non-toxic environmental protection, after being sealed the device can work in a temperature between -45-120℃ maintaining mechanic and electronic functions. It provides whole protection to electronic boards and increases working life of electronic boards.

Disadvantages: some fatal problems exist, like the heat dissipation of electronic boards is hugely affected, the most trouble thing is that there is almost not any possibility to repair it or the repair cost is huge.

Anti-corrosion Paint

The anti-corrosion is also called board protection oil, covering oil, anti water glue, isolation paint, anti humid paint, however its waterproof effect isn’t that good, there are following disadvantages: its thickness affects the heat dissipation and high adhesive density, this paint can only protect the device against humid and small part of water, it’s not resistant falling or shocking, it falls down when encounters external force, we can choose the anti-corrosion paint for basic protection.

PCB Nano-coating

PCB nano-coating, uses a new nano material, also called nano-coating, is a ideal substitute of anti-corrosion paint. Its thickness is between 2-4micrometers which can’t be seen with eyes, it’s like a thin net covering the PCB boards and reduces the energy on PCB surface without affecting the heat dissipation, IPx5 standard can be reached, that is the basic waterproof standard, it’s also resistant to corrosion, acid, alkali and salt.

PCBA Immersion Nano-coating

This technology shows the actual tendency, it’s adding one more process in the production line after putting all electronic components on PCB boards, this process is putting the electronic board inside the the nano waterproof liquid, after 3-5 seconds of immersion, take the board out and put it 10 minutes under normal temperature, then the board can be putted inside the device, it’s very convenient and the anti water film is completed. The key factor is the quality of the nano liquid which should meets the international quality standard, the thickness of this film is between 2-4 micrometers, can’t be seen with eyes, it’s a very thin net composed by nano particles, there is space between particles which allows the reduction of energy on PCB surface, due to its thin thickness, the heat dissipation is guaranteed, in markets the normal anti corrosion paint has 50 micrometers of thickness which has a bad performance compared to TIS nano coating in heat dissipation and environmental protection.

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Tamper proof GPS watch and ankle tracker developed by Thinkrace use IP68 waterproof design, can realize 24 hours monitoring without being taken off when having bath, they own also real time position, Geo fencing, position alarming, historical trajectory etc. 24 hours monitoring can be realized in community correction and help solving problems like the separation of device and offender, location failure or inaccuracy position data and so on. These devices can be applied in different scenarios such as community correction, home quarantine monitoring, mental patients management and rehabilitation center monitoring.

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