Is the pet dog GPS tracker useful? Which brand is better?


Is the pet Dog GPS tracker useful? Which brand is better?

The most sad thing for dog lovers is that their dogs escape without being paid attention and still can’t be found after putting lots of advertises almost everywhere. What can be done facing this situation? Don’t worry, the GPS pet tracker may help you. Many friends may have doubt that how is this tracker used and is it comfortable after putting it on dogs? Is it heavy? What happens if the dog goes into the pond playing and chasing ducks?Don’t worry, following lets see all these questions one by one.

pet dog GPS tracker 

Is the pet locator useful?

What is the usage of pet locator? No doubt it’s used to prevent lost, even through the pet dog is lost,we can find it quickly by GPS locator.The proof used to judge if the pet tracker is useful or not is its GPS location function. Take Thinkrace pet GPS locator for example, it owns several location modes,when the dog is outside, it uses GPS+BEIDOU to get location, when the dog is inside, the device switches to WIFI to get location, it can work if WiFi is available nearby.Besides real time location, the pet GPS locator has the trajectory playback function which allows us to know where ha it been.

pet dog GPS tracker 

How to use this pet GPS tracker?

The pet GPS tracker comes together with a platform, this platform can be logged in on computer or the APP named BeeHome downloaded from software store.Dog lovers can check data on this platform sent by GPS locators, for example the Thinkrace PT100 GPS tracker, it owns the function of activity monitoring, the pet lover can judge his dog’s health condition by analyzing this data and set regular time to walk his dog, this function can help the pet dog get good health condition. Besides, we can use geo fencing function on the platform, after setting a safe zone, once the dog leaves this zone, an alarm will be sent to you informing you to find your pet dog.

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Which brand is better?

In the case of choosing the correct device, functions and parameters are those should be considered. The GPS pet locator developed by Thinkrace, owns the function of IP67 anti water and dusty, it can work normally in cases like swimming,rainy day, rolling on ground etc. Children have their own GPS intelligent watch, dogs also have their own pet locator, they are all members of our families, since we have decided to adopt them, then we should protect them during their whole life.