The Intelligent Solution of Real Name Management System of Labour Service in Construction Sites


The Intelligent Solution of Real Name Management System of Labour Service in Construction Sites

Under the traditional management mode, due to frequent comings and goings of workers, no systematized workers’ general information, disorder of contracts, imprecise salary, working dispute happens very often which causes huge loss to enterprises and projects. In order to normalize labour management behaviour, protect workers’ legal rights, reduce enterprises’ risk and promote companies’ health development, Thinkrace has developed the intelligent real name management system used in construction sites based on the management responsibility, informative methods and system construction, following country’s laws and regulations and our company’s real situation. This intelligent management platform will turn into a data base of workers’ identity information, contract information, safety education, entering information, type of work, technical ability and black list. At the same time, workers’ roll call information can be recorded and the objective of dynamic management can be achieved.


The intelligent real name management system of labour service in construction sites.

1. Systematized workers’ information management

The traditional management system can’t integrate effectively workers’ different information, many loopholes have appeared. Thinkrace has developed the real name management software, contract numbers and every worker’s basic information will be registered in the management system.

2. Systematized security training and personalized information management

The traditional security training is often preceded in batches and education record is generated in batches. In this mode it’s hard to record workers’ personal information systematically, it goes against the evaluation of personal security management situation. Thinkrace’s information management system has solved this problem and realized a big leap in safety education from the batch management to personalized management.

3. Informative management of workers’ attendance

Workers’ attendance information can be collected through the smart bracelet and attendance information can be analyzed through the management platform. Project manager can view directly every worker’s attendance information even the whole group, then he can analyze the working efficiency, the logical of labour posts, project progress and requirement of labour resource which are important proof for quick decision. The attendance record can also be used as an important proof for dealing salary dispute.

4.Master dynamically the company’s human resource, realize scientific decision.

Through the integration of intelligent real name labour management system and the project management and monitoring platform, all workers’ information will be collected which can be used as reliable information for company’s labor dispatching and developing strategy decision.