How to Distinguish the Performance of GPS Mould?


How to Distinguish the Performance of GPS Mould?

For a good developing engineer not only design projects are important, but also materials. They know deeply that good materials can get better effects. In the GPS position industry, GPS mould is no doubt one of the most important components. Today, engineers of Thinkrace will introduce briefly some standards and demands at the moment of choosing GPS mould.


1. Good Reception Sensitivity

The reception sensitivity means the receptor can get the most useful GPS signal for the least GPS signal. The good reception sensitivity of GPS navigation mould makes that wireless products own more capacity to capture weak signal. So when the transmission distance is longer, the signal becomes weaker, the high sensitive wireless products can still receive data with stable connection which makes the transmission distance significantly longer.

2. Shorter Location Time

Location time means how long can GPS devices get their own exact position which is calculated by second. During this time, the GPS device sends signal to the GPS position satellite and starts to get its exact position. This includes the first operation, the location time of cold boot and warm boot.

3. The Position Accuracy

The position accuracy means the degree of coincidence between the position it gets and its real position. If the location accuracy doesn’t get its practical effect, even the most luxury GPS design will let people down. However, the scenario is the first thing to consider, then other factors. The position accuracy can be observed in dynamic and static states, and the location effect is better in dynamic state than in static state. Those location technical parameters of GPS mould are measured outside in open area and with good GPS signal. So in normal tests, qualified location time and accuracy are hardly achieved.

4. Power Dissipation

Power dissipation means the power loss, the difference between input power and output power of devices and components. Following the quick development of computer technology and micro electronic technology, the application of embedded system is more and more wider. Environmental protection and energy saving are the international wave, for example, before many chips inside computers were 5V, now they are 3.3V and 1.8V which makes the green system clear. Thinkrace pays more attention on the low power dissipation of GPS mould. The lower power lost of circuit and system is always one of the most important factors that our professional designers consider.

Power Dissipation.png 

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