Positioning Solution for Airport Staffs


Positioning Solution for Airport Staffs


The Context of the Solution

Smart airport and its construction depend on the huge progress of modern information technology. People’s best wished toward air travelling show in different aspects like convenience of travel, comfort level, operation procedure, intimate and personalized service. The informative level in different airports stays in different stages and differences exist in operation efficiency and service level.

Industrial Week Points

◆  Dispersed distribution of staffs, difficult for controlling and monitoring

◆  Unclear position information, difficult for dispatching

◆  Entering into dangerous zone and causing severe consequences

Information of the Solution

This positioning solution developed by Thinkrace is based on IoT communication technology especially for the management and security monitoring of airport staffs. This solution is made up by GPS bracelet, data processing server and position management software, realizing standardized and visual control and monitor to airport staffs, real time position tracing, historical trajectory revise, important area alarming, SOS urgent alarming etc. This solution can help build intelligent management system, improve airport service quality and make smart airport possible.

GPS bracelet.png 


Real Time Position

◆ Obtain user’s exact position and historical trajectory

◆ Intelligent search of staffs improving working efficiency and realizing reasonable dispatching

Geo Fencing.png 

Intelligent Roll Call

◆ Intelligent roll call, automatic registration of staffs’ working time

◆ Exportation of data: Category enquire by users’ information, printing roll call information and generating roll call data sheet.

Opening API.png 

Geo Fencing

◆ Set up electronic Geo fencing with different form, alarming rule and access permissions

◆ Alarming management for personal entering dangerous zone, realizing unified management

SOS Alarming

◆ When a staff encounters danger or suspected person, he can send SOS alarming message to the system by pushing the SOS button

◆ If a staff has abnormal situation such as coma, he bracelet can send alarming message to the system automatically making sure that first aide can be obtained


Advantages of the Solution

High accurate position: Obtain user’s real time location information. Reasonable staff dispatching: improving airport service quality and building smart airport,Sending real time suspected information: ensuring entering personal’s security and improving custom’s working efficiency.

Opening API: automatic integration of platform, easy to operate. Hardware





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