Special Gift in Children’s Day: Children’s Intelligent Anti Lost Shoes


Special Gift in Children’s Day:Children’s Intelligent Anti Lost Shoes

Children’s day is arriving which is a festival especially for children. The reason that we have this special festival is to call for the protection of children’s right, they are future of our families and country, growing up safely and healthy is every parent’s desire. In this special day I would like to talk about how to prevent their lost. Speaking about children’s lost, firstly we think about child traffickers. In fact, according to the data published last year in the platform of publishing urgent messages of lost children of China’s Public Security Department, the main factors causing children’s lost are: leaving home, lost and disappeared, drawn in water and kidnapped.

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When we talk about anti lost, many parents think about anti lost rope. At the beginning, many children feel strange about the anti lost rope and they are willing to use this rope, however, later when the feeling disappears, they want to run and jump looking around, especially on plazas and gardens, in open area using anti lost rope limits their activity and for parents it’s trouble to put and loosen the rope. No one can bear the pain of losing their own child, it’s a fatal defeat to each family. What’s the correct solution to this?

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Thinkrace has launched children’s GPS anti lost shoes, wearing these shoes when children are outside can prevent their lost in certain degree.

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The most important factor for children’s GPS anti lost shoes is the accurate real time position. Wherever the child is, parents can know his real time position through APP Beehome. Besides, parents can set a safe zone in the APP, once the child leaves the safe zone, the system will send alert message to the APP informing parents.