The introduction of BeeHome GPS positioning platform


The introduction of  BeeHome GPS positioning platform

BeeHome GPS positioning platform is a management system developed by Siris based on personnel positioning, including BeeHome platform and app.

BeeHome platform:

Integrated intelligent hardware, cloud management platform, resource integration, big data, operation management in one background management system.


BeeHome app:

Focus on personnel safety and health management, provide heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and other health monitoring management, support two-way call, SOS one key call and other functions, also can carry out voice micro chat social, information receiving and other services.


With the concept of win-win cooperation, Thinkrace has found a large number of partners to bring users comfortable operation experience. At the same time, we adhere to the concept of openness and innovation, figure out the needs of users, and provide users with seamless smart life experience in the whole scene! Modular design concept is adopted to ensure the expansibility and rapid deployment of the platform, realize the continuous iterative upgrade of personalized customization requirements and functions of the platform, and deploy in place within 30 days.


With the idea of interconnection of everything and natural interaction, Thinkrace aggregates the software and hardware ecology and redefines the end-user experience. We set up a special project team for docking, field investigation, in-depth communication, real-world application planning and development, enabling global partners, bringing richer scenario API and supporting more terminals, making the solution more intelligent and powerful.