Smart Prison Personnel Positioning and Security Management Solutions


Smart Prison Personnel Positioning and Security Management Solutions

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System integrators or project contractors engaged in judicial business need wearable devices and supporting base stations which are suitable for personalized scenes. While most hardware enterprises can only provide part of the hardware, so it takes time and effort to integrate different hardware and base stations into the system. ThinkRace combines its strengths in wearable products with positioning technology to provide a complete solution for project contractors. We not only provide a full set of solutions, but also provide standard data interface, and accurate positioning algorithm. So project contractors just need to dock with the standard interface, which can save the time of integration, focus on their own business and service, accelerate the speed of project deployment.


Equipment and Function Realization

According to the requirements of equipment safety and functional application in the judicial field, ThinkRace has developed a smart judicial tamper proof watch with the function of comfortable wearing, no metal exposure, long standby time and low maintenance cost. At the same time, it has intelligent management requirements such as health data monitoring and location positioning. Cooperated with the judicial control system, this watch can achieve automatic roll call, electronic geofence, alarm warning, temperature monitoring, personnel trajectory and other intelligent management functions.


Judicial tamper-proof watch

The Judicial tamper proof Watch which is developed by ThinkRace, its strap has the design of strong, explosion-proof, tension-resistant design, and it is locked with special customized screws. Once be opened, the watch will immediately alarm. Each watch comes with a portable charger that can be plugged into the watch and charged without taking the watch off.


Customized Service

ThinkRace provides integrated customized services for clients, from the steps of appearance design, structural design, device selection, circuit design, background software development, mobile APP development, production of prototype, mold production, trial production, until mass production and supply of finished products.

Hardware Customization


Software Customization