Hotel Security Management Solution


Hotel Security Management Solution


In 2020, a sudden arriving of Covid-19 which has spread around the whole world and affected severely our work and daily life, pandemic prevention and control is being realized in all industries and sectors. The pandemic prevention and control is more important in hotels where are densely populated.

Right now hotels are facing severe problems such as body temperature management, review of historical trajectory of passengers and persons in isolation. During the period of pandemic, besides home quarantine, isolation in hotels is another good choice. But these hotels should have reached certain levels in hardware facilities, software services and intelligent monitoring etc.

The hotel security management solution launched by Thinkrace is made up by hotel management platform and tamper proof GPS watch with body temperature detection. This solution is based on artificial intelligence, location, temperature and heart rate detection, realizes quick body temperature detection, generates personal trajectory, locks contacted group and sends alarms automatically when gathering happens. This system can reduce the risk of infection of inspectors compared with traditional body temperature methods, offer visible big data analysis and precise tracing management to pandemic control and prevention decisions. Scenarios of application: hotels used for isolation, hotels, groups of hotels, apartments, office buildings, schools, factories, stations and airports.


By using this hotel security management solution, hotels can realize:

• Quick recognize of person who has abnormal body temperature, early discovery, early report;

• Quick lock of contacted group, early isolation, early treatment;

• Alarm of gathering, prevent mass gathering, prevent spreading;

• Regular body temperature detection, if the bracelet is off or broken, automatic alarm sent to the administrator;

• Daily report generated automatically by this system, examined and approved by responsible person;