GPS Position System in Drug Rehabilitation Center,Solving Three Tough Problems of Management in Rehab Center


GPS Position System in Drug Rehabilitation Center, Solving Three Tough Problems of Management in Rehab Centers

Drug rehabilitation centers bear sacred missions to educate and correct addicts and assume responsibility to maintain social stability and promote social harmony. Right now drug rehab centers in our country have smoothly finished the whole transition from labour education to rehabilitation work, the scientific level of rehabilitation work has been continuously improved by the procedure of rehabilitation work, completed system, drug treatment and rehabilitation. However, inside rehabilitation centers, psychiatric disorder, self-injury and self-mutilation, escape have increased and made rehabilitation work more difficult and challenge, how to use scientific and intelligent management to prevent these destabilizing factors happening has become one of the most important tasks in rehabilitation centers.


In order to solve these problems, Thinkrace has used IoT big data analysis technology and developed a tamper proof GPS bracelet together with personal GPS position system. In the case that the addict leaves the safe zone, an alarm will be triggered then to avoid incidents like escape.


What kind of changes and innovations can this GPS position system bring to rehab centers? Let’s find out together with the editor.

1.Addicts’ position tracing problem

By putting this tamper proof GPS on addicts’ wrists, their real-time position can be monitored. Besides, the system owns the function of trajectory tracking, every addict’s historical trajectory can be viewed which makes the control and monitor reasonable.


2.Escape of addicts

Many addicts can’t control themselves at the begin when they enter rehab centers and try every method to escape and that makes rehabilitation work more difficult, the GPS position system can set up a safe zone for every addict, when this addict tries to escape and leaves the safe zone, an alarm will be triggered to avoid escape.


3.Addicts’ roll call problem

The work of roll call in rehab centers is complicated with high labor intensity, by putting GPS bracelet on addicts, the administrator can know their real-time position in the certain area and this location information is uploaded automatically to the system realizing real-time attendance, a huge number of human resources isn’t needed, making sure that addicts are in safe zone within the required time.