Hardware+Platform+Service,Thinkrace Leads the IoT Development of GPS Location New mode


Hardware+Platform+Service, Thinkrace Leads the IoT Development of GPS Location New mode

Right now, the GPS technology has become mature, the GPS management has been applied in many aspects of our daily life, the most concerned is GPS positioning bracelet, which is normally used in campus, quarantine, property management, restaurants, military, user’s location and health status can be obtained and efficiency of personal management has been hugely elevated by using this GPS bracelet.

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Facing the actual confused GPS market and irregularity among manufactures and suppliers, as a high tech company focused on GPS location and applications of IoT technology, Thinkrace realized that a company relying only on production to make profits without core competitive products would be weeded out standing at the end of the chain of industry. In the past 15 years, Thinkrace has become ODM supplier of intelligent GPS IoT owing one-stop solution from terminal to cloud, exploring and studying among data collection, data transmission, application design of big data, development and production in intelligent IoT sector.

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Thinkrace has a comprehensive and systematic understanding in GPS industry. From a mould manufacture at the beginning to a ODM provider with completed system of software and hardware, at the beginning of the development of this sector, Thinkrace dared to innovate following the developing mode of hardware plus platform. It is really a breakthrough itself changing from a mould producer to a GPS tracker manufacture. However, Thinkrace hasn’t been limited to hardware production, with a long view he has transformed from single product to one-stop integrated solution such as software development and deployment of platforms improving its competitive force. Beside the production of GPS products, service platform of Beehome and the development and application of APP have indicated that Thinkrace’s idea of “hardware (GPS products)+platform+service” is correct, these three are complementary to each other and has improved the innovation of industry’s developing mode to a great extent.

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Seeing from results, Thinkrace’s technology in GPS management industry has been mature, compared to other manufactures, Thinkrace thinks standing in customer’s point of view, makes systematic research about customer’s demands offering more comprehensive solutions in the process of application. GPS location as an important part in IoT, in the period of 5G, the scenario applications in related industry will be diverse and strict demands will be required. Seeing in a deeper level, this is a big opportunity for GPS industry. Thinkrace, as a new high-tech company of GPS and IoT technology, believes that with the development of 5G and his group’s excellent imagination and executive capacity, GPS one-stop integrated service will be applied in more sectors and areas.