Thinkrace- Solution of Monitoring System of Team Fitness Training


Thinkrace- Solution of Monitoring System of Team Fitness Training

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During the age of intelligence, raising talents should also follow the pace of times with scientization and intelligentsia, Thinkrace offers hardware supports of intelligent management system of team fitness training and complete hardware solutions of intelligent training system.

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Device and realization of functions

This solution can be used in professional sports activities, such as intelligent football training, basketball training, professional fitness training, soldiers training, sports activities. Let us take physical training in sport classes for example:

In sport classes or other collective sport activities, teachers can realize real time monitoring by tablet of every student’s data like heart rate, step number, stride frequency and rank by students’ heart rate, divide students by their physical conditions and make different training plans for different students.Teachers can also save every student’s physical data for health analysis in a long term and personal growth file. Close attention can be paid on those who are in bad physical condition, if the watch detects something abnormal, an automatic alarm will be triggered and rapid rescue service can be obtained. Professional training and prevention of urgent situations can be reached by using this intelligent management system.

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Thinkrace supplies products and standard interface, one-stop integrated solution of hardware customization. Welcome to contact us.

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