The Whole Solution for Monitoring Epidemic & Suspected Patients


The Whole Solution for Monitoring Epidemic Suspected Patients


Developed and combined the software and hardware with functions, such as geo fence/tracking/playback/health monitoring/real time alarms etc. , Thinkrace has been providing better solution for monitoring and managing epidemic situation & suspected patients.


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Quarantining Suspected Patients

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Managing Patients With Mild Symptoms

Smart Device Against the Epidemic: Bracelet to Quarantine the Suspected Patient



Solution Highlights:

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Real-Time Tracking

The monitoring operator could get the real-time location of the bracelet user on the monitoring platform, and play back the tracking history, therefore the user could be controlled as soon as they get out of the geo fence.

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Real-Time Geofence Alarm

Geo fence could be set up on the platform to limit the user’s activity area. Once they got out of the geo fence, the monitoring team will be updated with alarms and take proper action immediately.


Playing Back the Tracking History

When there was a confirmed case of covid-19, we could have played back the tracking history of the bracelet user, figured out who are the contacts in a timely manner, and taken accurate methods against disease spreading.

Playing Back the Tracking History.png 

Reports Generated Automatically

The system admin could easily generate a variety of reports, such as Geofence Report, Alarm Report, Device Report, User Report etc., on the platform.

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