How to Avoid Missing Kids With Autism


How to Avoid Missing Kids With Autism?

Some young people could say they are autistic with self-deprecating humor. “I’m autistic”, now it’s been sort of a running theme with many people. But the real autistic patient will never make a joke like this. The latest reports speak that there are 2-5 autistic patients out of 10,000 children. They are called Children of the Stars. They could live in their own world, lonely and romantically.


Autism happens at the childhood most of the time. The children with autism have got obvious difficulties in language and social interaction. Based on the research, 49% of autistic children has got lost. Though many of them could be found at the end, other kids could be missing forever, which is tragedy.


How can we stimulate autistic children to increase social interaction in a safe manner? How can we provide support to autistic children when they got lost, when they went in very unpopulated places, when they met bad guys and no one could help them? The smart bracelet could help the autistic children and fix the issues.


Fully Learned and understood the special circumstance with autistic children, Thinkrace has developed smart bracelet and mobile application to help. The parents could set up geofence in mobile application for their children. Once they got out of the geofence, the bracelet will trigger alarms to their parents’ mobile phone. And then their parents could locate where the children are by Real-Time Location, and avoid kid missing.